At Tasma, everything we do is with sustainability in mind. We only deal in renewable clean biomass energy that will reduce your carbon footprint, help to prevent the effects of climate change, and provide our customers with reliable cost-effective alternative energy.


You might be surprised that biomass is not always a sustainable nor a clean energy option. When the wrong biomass energy sources are used it can not only lead to much higher carbon emissions than coal, it can lead to deforestation or natural forests being cut down to grow plantations to produce biomass.

When Biomass power is done right, and we do it right: it will lower your carbon emissions from about 1018 kg/mWh with coal, and still lower than the typical emissions of natural gas at 437 kg/mWh, right down to about 100kg/mWh: over 4 times lower than natural gas! And there is no increase in demand for harvested trees. Our Biomass Energy is renewable, carbon-neutral, cost-effective, reliable, and convenient.

At Tasma we focus mostly on agricultural and industrial waste materials, as opposed to biomass from natural forests.

  • NO illegally harvested biomass or violation of traditional and civil rights.

  • NO high conservation values threatened by management activities.

  • NO biomass from primary forests being converted to plantations.

  • NO genetically modified biomass.


Fossil fuels are not a renewable resource. Typically fossil fuels are formed from organic matter that has been trapped under the earth for millennia. We have no hope to renew depleted fossil fuels in our generation’s lifetime, nor the next generation, nor the next 100 generations. And when you burn fossil fuels, you’re releasing high amounts of CO2 that have been trapped under the earth for millennia.

Now Biomass Fuel: Say, for example, you use a tree to produce biomass energy. You are only releasing the CO2 that that tree absorbed in it’s lifetime. Since trees grow quickly, you can plant another tree for each one you use: now you have a nearly carbon-neutral renewable energy system (as long as the resources are being properly renewed, and over-harvesting is prevented).


It doesn’t make sense to stick with fossil fuels, the market is constantly becoming more and more unpredictable as these non-renewable resources get harder and harder to find. The markets are also making swift changes to clean energy sources to fight the effects of climate change throughout the world.

Biomass provides business owners with a reliable, cost-saving energy system and they will get ahead of the changing markets, instead of being left behind. Our customers are leaders who know when to move forward!