About Us


To create enduring sustainable solutions in Bioenergy that improve our planet, are convenient and profitable for business owners to implement, and develop lasting relationships with our clients built on deep-rooted trust.

We are dedicated to implementing sustainable, reliable and renewable bioenergy sources and replacing unsustainable energy sources throughout Indonesia, and Southeast Asia. It is about doing the right thing – for us, our partners, and for the planet.

The values we live by are Sustainability, Trust, Professionalism, Fairness, and Respect.


We focus on multinational corporations in Southeast Asia who want to benefit from the value of bioenergy: cost-saving, a reliable and sustainable energy source, reducing their carbon footprint, and gaining an even better reputation with their own customers.

We pride ourselves on developing strong, long-term relationships with our clients. Built on well-earned trust, mutual respect, and exceptional service. Our clients are leaders in the effort to curb climate change – without compromising profitability – and are savvy to getting ahead of the changing market into the future.



Fairness and Respect

We practice fairness and respect in all aspects of our business. We consider it a rule to always treat our employees, our stakeholders, and even our competitors with respect and fairness. We always offer deep respect and fairness to our customers.


We aim to have a significant positive effect on our planet, making it a better place to pass on to our children and grandchildren, rather than a world that is in worse condition than the one left to us.


We foster a culture of transparency, integrity, and ownership in our operations. We are accountable in our actions and communications. We deliver on our promises.


Our actions are result-focused, value-oriented, and solution-based: we continually improve and innovate our planning, actions, and the delivery of our solutions to our customers. Professionalism starts from accepting personal responsibility and respecting yourself, others and the experience.